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Utica Tweed and other stuff

1st Annual Utica Tweed Ride – April 18. Mark your calenders! Save the date! More info coming soon!

Also, we will soon be starting up our weekly rides. So stay tuned!

In a side note, I still do not have regular Internet access so I have not had a chance to make this page a little more “bikeish”.

Location:Mary St,Utica,United States


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Utica Tweed Ride

We have started with the oficial planning of the 1st Annual Utica Tweed Ride. Everything is coming together well, except for the date. Early/mid April is what we are thinking, but we are open to suggestions.

If you have any suggestion just leave one in the comments.

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A little behind

Running a little behind on updates. There has been a slight Internet shortage recently. Hopefully I can get this taken care of shortly.

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