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New addition

I just added a new page, “Our Rides”, to the blog today. This is where I will try to keep an updated grouping of all our regular and bigger rides. Be sure to keep an eye on it! I should be adding a few more rides in the coming weeks.

On that note, once the weather dries up a bit, we will be starting a 2nd weekly ride, this one focusing on dirt rides within the city of Utica. The rides will all start at the usual place, so there will be a bit of road riding to get to the particular trails. This should also be a good way to promote trail maintenance as many of the trails within the city are very much in disrepair


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Utica Tweed Ride take 2

1st Annual Utica Tweed Ride
May 2 @ Cafe Domenico
Meeting between 11 and noon for coffee. Ride leaves shortly after the noon hour.

So it was decided, upon much mutual agreement, to reschedule the Tweed Ride. The forcasted weather for this past Sunday was absolutely horrid. A high of 45 with rain and possible snow flurries does not make people want to get out and ride. Hopefully the weather will be on our side this time.

Oh, and rumor has it, that if enough people show for the ride, a certain local pub will open early just for us.

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Leaves! The final sign that winter has lost it’s grip on us for a few months and the start of great riding weather.

Our weekly rides have been going well. We are still only getting a few riders, but a lot more have expressed interest so hopefully the rides will grow this summer.

Also! This Sunday is the 1st Annual Utica Tweed Ride. With a bit of luck the weather will be beautiful with cool temps and no rain. Don’t forget to wear your most dapper attire and to bring a friend or three. We are meeting at Cafe Domenico, between 11 and 12 for coffee, followed by a noonish departure. It will be a casual ride, with likely a few stops for socializing.

In other news, there are plans to start a weekly or bi-weekly dirt ride. Are Wednesday or Thurday nights good for anyone? A possibility is alternating dirt rides and training race rides each week.

That’s all for now. Now get out there and enjoy this beautiful weather!

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