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Alright, well this post is a few days past due, but better late than never right?

So Sunday, UKABRA held a ride, and our core group of riders (Greg, Erick and I) decided to go meet up with them. It was finally nice to get to know who it was behind the “other bike group” here in Utica. The ride itself was pretty nice. 15 mile round trip down Canal Trail to Oriskany. It was a beautiful day, though there were a lot of bugs. Bleh. Well, there isn’t a whole lot to talk about the ride, but here are some photos!


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What a morning

What a morning for a bike ride. As I left home to head to work the city was still engulfed in a heavy fog with a visibility at only just over a block. It was actually quite nice. I love mornings.

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Our weekly Monday Night Ride time is being switched to 7pm. The later start time should make it easier for more people to show up and now with the later days there is no real reason for such an early start date. There will be a new flyer to reflect the time change.

ALSO! Starting this week at 7pm is Wednesday Night Worlds training rides. The rides will alternate each week between pavement and dirt. Meeting at Cafe Domenico like usual. We will leave there at a slow warm up pace till we get to our destination. There will will do some sort of race or hard ride over likely a short course. After we will ride back at another slow pace to cool down. Everyone is encouraged to come ride with us even if you don’t intend to do the harder bit. You are more than welcome to just come and hang out and watch those racing. This week we are starting on pavement. Looks like a possibly criterium downtown.

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15 riders on 13 bikes! Today was the biggest turnout we have ever had and was a great success. While the weather was just a bit warm, there were a couple who stuck to the idea of the ride and wore tweed. Temperature aside though, a great time was has by all. We all got to meet a lot of new faces, and hopefully made some new friends. We look forward to seeing you all again, and hopefully many new people at all our future rides. I will leave you know with a few photos from the ride, and you can see the rest on our flickr page.

We had 2 tandems show up. Both couples were quite well dressed as well.

Owners of local cafe, Cafe Domenico, joined us as well.

One can only imagine when the last time was that Utica saw this many bikes locked up together.

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